Fourth of July organizers worry about weather forecasts

Published 7:37pm Friday, July 5, 2013

It’s easy to look back — hindsight being 20/20 — and say the city of Selma and the Dallas County Commission made a mistake in cancelling Thursday’s planned firework show. It’s easy to look back and say a mistake was made, it’s completely a different matter completely to have the guts to make the decision in the first place.

Had the weather forecasts held true, the time when hundreds of people would have been huddled together in Memorial Stadium waiting for the fireworks, heavy rains and lightening would have completely washed out the event.

It was smarter for city leaders and event organizers to go ahead and make the decision to postpone the event, rather than risk the enjoyment and safety of hundreds of residents.

In the end, it didn’t rain and the fireworks could have easily been fired without a problem. Oh well. We’ll have to wait until Labor Day for a few big bangs.

On the flip side, we congratulate Valley Grande city leaders for their patience in holding their Independence Day celebration Thursday evening at the city’s walking trail.

Hundreds turned out for great fun and a great show late in the evening.

The organizers, who worked for months planning this event, should be commended and thanked for their hard work.

In the end, two sets of leaders made very different decisions and, in the end, both decisions were correct; there are not many times that happens.

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