Orrville adopts new leash ordinance

Published 9:12pm Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ORRVILLE — During Monday’s Orrville Town Council meeting, members unanimously adopted a new town ordinance, declaring it unlawful for dogs to roam the streets of Orrville without a leash.

The ordinance also states pet owners must also ensure their dogs are up to date with all vaccinations and the name of the owner must be clearly marked on the dog’s collar.

“If they are found in violation (of the ordinance) then the Dallas County Animal Control Officer will be called,” Councilwoman Jewell Williamson said, adding dogs in violation will be removed from the town limits.

Williamson said while the ordinance went into effect immediately, town residents will be made aware of the changes, and time will be allowed for them to have proper notification before any action is taken.

The council created the ordinance after a number of complaints was made about stray dogs roaming residential properties.

“There have been complaints about dogs running loose and [people] are afraid that they’ve not been vaccinated properly. They go in people’s yards and people are afraid of them, because they may not have their vaccinations and they don’t know if they are owned by somebody because they don’t have collars on,” Williamson said. “It’s nothing horrible that’s happening, it’s just a precautionary measure before something does happen. That way it makes owners more aware of taking care of their animals.”

Williamson added she and her dogs will also be affected by the new ordinance.

Even though her dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and wear collars, she said her name isn’t marked on the collars, “so we’ll have to get that updated.”

Town residents should receive notification from Orrville Mayor Louvenia Lumpkin, addressing the new unleashed dog ordinance.

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