Fresh, healthy options at market

Published 7:11pm Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fresh produce can now be found Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays beneath the Bloch Park Pavilion as the Farmer’s Market made their summer debut.

Early in the morning on market days, residents can make selections of fresh eggplant, green beans, squash and a host of other produce — all fresh and rich in nutrients. We encourage community members to take advantage of this savory opportunity, as it is not only nutritious, but also benefits local farmers.

Farmer’s Market organizer, Kathi Needham said the aspect of buying and spending with local farmers at the market helps the local economy and also offers fresh food.

“It’s local, it’s community and our farmers are from Dallas County, Chilton County and Wilcox County,” Needham said. “So instead of going to the grocery store and getting something from Santiago, Chili, and is two weeks old and has been kept in a cooler, these people picked this yesterday and the day before.”

Needham also pointed out that whatever money is spent at the market, that money turns around and benefits local farmers — thus benefitting our local economy.

To make the farmer’s market experience more fun, we encourage residents to make it a family affair. Bringing a child — or friend — to the market to pick up some freshly picked produce, will make for a great outing and nutritious meal later.


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