Valedictorians encouraged to give back to their first home

Published 6:31pm Friday, May 31, 2013

The Times-Journal has published a series of articles this past week celebrating local high schools and their 2013 class valedictorians.

Each of these new graduates have worked hard during their four years of high school — and that work paid off generously as they were titled valedictorian.

Not only do we want to congratulate these individuals, but we also want encourage them to go out into the “real world” and continue their hard work and diligence. We are proud to call these valedictorians Selma graduates, and we look forward to seeing what all they accomplish in their bright future.

Also, we encourage these graduates to remember Selma and to invest in our future. We are always in need of bright, young innovative minds. We encourage these graduates to learn as much as they can at their college of choice and to come back home and give back to the city and county that raised them.

And to all of our recent high school graduates, we send the same message. Our future is in your hands. Wherever you may travel, don’t forget about Selma and Dallas County — your first home.

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