More organizations should host city-wide benefits

Published 8:39pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In recent months we’ve seen the community come together in large numbers in support of local charities and organizations.

The Alabama River Chili Cook-Off, Chips for Charity and the Rock ‘n’ Ribs Benefit are just three examples of such events that aim to better Selma and Dallas County.

To those who made these events possible, we extend a large thank you. Not only did these events benefit worthy causes, but they also brought families and friends together in a safe, fun atmosphere. Seeing Water Avenue and the Old Armory overflow with residents — all donning smiles and high spirits — shows that Selma has a big heart for service and community.

And because these events were such an immense success, we encourage other organizations to take the lead and host similar benefits. We have the perfect venues for large, community-wide gatherings — all we have to do is make use of them.

Through bringing residents together for a common cause, this also attracts visitors and demonstrates to surrounding areas what a positive place Selma can be — all great outcomes.

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