Area law enforcement deserve high praise

Published 7:52pm Monday, May 13, 2013

Last week across the country, police officers were honored and remembered for their dedication to service in commemoration of National Police Week. We fully agree that they should be honored, as our officers work hard for our city and their value is very rarely matched by their earnings.

We thank all of our officers, deputies, state Troopers and other law enforcement officials for their dedication and their sacrifice. Our officers patrol the city while most of us our sleeping. They strive to serve and protect the citizens of Selma, and most of the time their work is either criticized or taken for granted.

This year alone we have witnessed law enforcement officials solve cases of missing persons, make huge drug busts, arrest criminals and work to keep the city safe. We appreciate the effort they make and the things they do day-to-day that often go unnoticed.

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