Area children talk about their moms as Mother’s Day is celebrated

Published 6:38pm Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is the annual Mother’s Day observance really all about after all? For the 4-year-old class at the Little People Daycare center in Selma, Mother’s Day is all about lots of things. For some, they want to tell their mother thank you for putting pickles in their cheese sandwiches. Others want to kiss and hug their moms, but many said the holiday was invented so they could make their moms cards and, “stuff.”

But all agreed that a world without moms would be a strange, sad and not-so-fun place.

“I would probably just get on a space ship and go to outer space,” Clay Friday said about a world with no moms and mentioned he would also drive a monster truck in a world without moms. “There would be dads and not moms, just lots of dads everywhere but then the moms would be popping everywhere.”

Haley Verhoff, who talked about how much fun her mom is to play with, she said a world without moms would be a lot less fun and, “then the moms wouldn’t be able to help us to be good too.”

And life would be boring without mothers, especially because so many of the 4-year-olds mentioned what their moms do to make them laugh.

“She does back flips and headstands and makes me chicken soup to make me laugh,” Matthew Morrow said.

“She pulls my toes and then pops them and then she tickles me and makes me laugh,” Michaela Lockhart said.

The children went on to list all sorts of things their moms do to make them smile, and many of those things included their favorite foods their moms made for them.

Kennedy Brooks said she loves when her mom makes, “spaghetti, pasta salad, pancakes and oatmeal,” because those are the best. Clay Friday said he loves when his mom puts pickles in his cheese sandwiches and Henry Wetstone said she loves her mother’s cake.

But everyone agreed they loved their moms.

“Yeah … you know … I love her,” Jaden Brown said.

“I love my mom because she lets me watch stuff on her pink iPad,” Sophie Goodman said.

And Shana Vines said she loves her mom for her, “happy and pretty face, she shares and she makes funny faces.”

Thank you to the moms of Selma, Dallas County for being moms that give all the love they have to their children.

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