Widest Yard Sale to cut through Selma once again

Published 8:35pm Thursday, May 9, 2013

The World’s Widest Yard Sale is running through the heart of Selma again this year and items will be sold along U.S. Highway 80 from Phenix City, through the Black Belt to Demopolis. The sale will stretch through 350 miles in Alabama beginning Friday, June 1 and continuing through Sunday, June 3.

Several Selma sale sites are already gearing up for the big sale, which is projected to bus in hundreds of visitors from around the state and the South.

Patty DeBardeleben who is helping organize the yard sale fundraiser for Sturdivant Hall, said they are asking the community for any kind of donation with the exception of clothes so they can sell the items as one of the sites for the World’s Widest Yard Sale. People can donate items during the regular hours of the museum and gift shop, which is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays.

“People can bring their donations anytime the house is open,” DeBardelebensaid.

“But what we really need is for people to go ahead and bring in all of their items now. If people wait until the very last minute then it will cause a panic.”

She explained as donations come in, her and other volunteers setup and price all of the items. Doing so ahead of June 1 will help them get everything priced and put together for the hundreds of customers.

Sturdivant is one of the few sites in Selma selling as a fundraiser. They will also rent out space on Saturday for other vendors for a $25 fee. Papers for tax purposes can be provided for all donations. DeBardeleben said donations are a great thing to give now, when monetary donations can be hard to come by. She said with Sturdivant being such an integral part of the money, she hopes people will give back and support them.

“Sturdivant Hall is one of the premiere tourist attractions in town other than the Edmund Pettus Bridge,” DeBardeleben said. “It takes money to keep this place up and that’s why we are constantly thinking of ways to do more fundraising like this.

But Sturdivant Hall is just one of 22 sights that are registered to participate so far. Other sites include Songs of Selma Park, Gordon’s Antiques, The Morris Agency, the Charlie Lucas Studio and the Queen of Peace Church off of U.S. Highway 80 West. Angie’s Auction was one of the larger selling sites in 2012’s sale.

Executive Director for the Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce, Sheryl Smedley said it is important for everyone to register with the Chamber if they are thinking about participating.

“We will be handing out maps and directing visitors to where all of the sites are at the Chamber, so if we don’t know about the site, we wont be able to send anyone to them,” Smedley said.


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