Selma City School Board should face problems head on

Published 6:51pm Monday, April 29, 2013

Tuesday the Selma City School Board will hold their regular work session. Among the items on the agenda that the school board will discuss are items like the budget, and they will most likely review items involving personnel and general day-to-day items regarding the schools.

But we want to charge the school board to dig to the bottom of why so many problems have occurred at Selma High School when the community has spent $30 million to build a brand new, security-enhanced learning facility. The school has more computers, is better equipment for science experiments, hallways are accessible for everyone and tighter security features are in place. So why are we not only asking ourselves how weapons have entered onto to school grounds, how drugs have been carried into the building and how a teacher was able to get away with allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student — but also how the incidents were not stopped in a more timely manner?

A student had a gun in his possession for almost an entire school day before he was arrested. A female teacher reportedly filmed one of her students doing a strip tease in her classroom months ago.

We will not accept statements from the school board about how they will do their best to prevent things like this from happening in the future, and we will not just carry along with their positive spin.

We are asking for explanations of why, at the nicest school facility in Selma, more dangerous and troubling events have happened there than any other school in the city limits.

We would like to see the school board dig to the bottom of these issues and finally stand up to place blame on themselves, if not someone in a leadership role at Selma High School, for letting danger and chaos slip through the cracks of the freshly laid bricks and high-tech security features.

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