Learning from our gruesome past will help our future

Published 5:57pm Saturday, April 27, 2013

There is always talk in Selma of moving forward to make our city better. Whenever the Selma City Council votes on anything from sewage to controversial topics, someone mentions moving Selma forward.

But what we must realize is that looking back at our history does not at all make us backwards — it helps us move forward by glancing at our old mistakes that can sometimes be embarrassing and painful.

There is a difference in celebrating history and learning from it. There are times we must celebrate, times we should remember solemnly and instances where we should learn from.

The Battle of Selma is a time to reflect on and remember what our ancestors went through during a time of bitter war between the states where some felt God had abandoned them completely as famine and disease struck the country when we turned on our own brothers.

This weekend is a time to learn about history and celebrate how different life was, but also uphold the foundation of our country as unified states that work together to keep freedom alive.

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