Vandalism at Sportsplex a hit against what’s right at home

Published 8:52pm Thursday, April 25, 2013

Children deserve a safe place to enjoy recreational activities, like baseball. Unfortunately, with the theft and vandalism of the Dallas County Sportsplex early Thursday morning, that entitlement was stripped away.

We hope the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department searches deligently for the individuals responsible for this crime. While any robbery in itself is difficult to understand and justify, the theft of a resource that’s supposed to be a safe place for the community is even more troubling.

The Sportsplex is a resource that is offered to residents free of cost. Children receive uniforms and the opportunity to compete in a healthy sports setting through the use of the Sportsplex. It’s baffling a group of individuals were able to disregard their morals and steal equipment from countless children.

The Dallas County Sportsplex not only belongs to the teams who use it — it belongs to the entire community. It is a place where parents can gather and watch their son or daughter make the winning play in a Saturday t-ball game. It’s where a young boy can learn how to throw “the perfect pitch.” It’s where family members gather on the weekend to spend quality time outside together.

We are confident law enforcement will work diligently to find those responsible for this heinous crime, and give them the punishment they deserve.


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