Dallas County Sheriff’s Department arrest reports for period ending on April 20:

Published 3:26pm Monday, April 22, 2013

LaRonda Christian, 19, 407 Dedman St., Selma, contempt of court, no bond, in jail

Steven Fitts, 19, 716 Lawrence St., Selma, unlawful possession of a fraudulent instrument, x 2, $30,000 bond x 2, made bond

Joseph Walker, 23, 1057 Kingsbend Road, Selma, domestic violence 3rd, $1,000 bond, made bond

Clarence Brenson, 20, 767 County Road 62, Tyler, rape 2nd, $30,000 bond, made bond

LaTenglia Williams, 36, 341 County Road 162, Orrville, possession of obscene material, electronic solicitation of a child, enticing child for immoral purposes, school employee having sexual contact with student, $400,000 bond x 2, $200,000 bond, $6,000 bond, in jail

Justin Tatum, 35, 556 Selma Highway, Prattville, D.U.I., $1,000 bond, in jail

Michael Sturdivant, 41, 24-C Rangedale Apartments,  Selma, shooting into an occupied vehicle, reckless endangerment, domestic violence 3rd, harassment, $100,000 bond, $6,000 bond, $1,500 bond, in jail

LaTarsha Ross, 31, 30 Rangedale Apartments, Selma, defensive use of pepper spray, $1,500 bond, made bond

Travis Shine, 25, 110 Cummings Circle, Selma, failure to appear on fishing without permission, $3,000 bond, in jail

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