Battle to bring visitors to area

Published 10:01pm Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Selma will soon be flooded with antebellum dresses and confederate soldiers as the city prepares to host the Battle of Selma, commemorating the battle’s 148th anniversary.

Although the days of a North and South rivalry are long gone, we encourage the city to get involved with — and embrace — this unique tradition.

The Battle of Selma reenactment, which is always hosted the last weekend in April, is something unique to Selma and Dallas County. Residents should embrace this tradition and use it as a way to celebrate our past.

History, which Selma is overflowing with, is one of our city’s strong points. Dallas County has a rich past that continuously attracts visitors from around the country.

As this commemorative event approaches, we encourage residents to extend a hospitable hand and welcome all outsiders. It is up to us, as Selma residents, to display our best as visitors flock to our city.

The Battle of Selma is a tradition this city has kept alive for decades. Between the fresh kettle corn and root beers, we’re confident that all those who visit Selma the weekend of April 25 will discover something new. We hope Selma comes alive with spirit that weekend, reliving the days of the old South.

Along with extending a hospitable hand, we also encourage all restaurants and local vendors to prepare for an influx of customers. With more families visiting the area, we need to make sure that as a city, we are ready to host more people.

This is our time to shine and show the rest of the state — and nation — how great it is to live in Selma.


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