Community shows great support for Cahaba Mental Health

Published 8:49pm Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Community members were reminded of a special set of Selma residents who exude joy Tuesday morning as Cahaba Mental Health hosted their 34th Annual Special Olympics.

Lafon Barlow, executive director for Cahaba Mental Health, said it was the largest crowd she’s ever seen come out for the special day.

We commend everyone — volunteers and spectators — who came out and showed their support for Cahaba Mental Health.

Scanning the crowd, residents young and old could be seen interacting with members and cheering on all participants as they particpated in classic track and field events such as the 50-yard dash and shot put throw.

It’s events like these that display the big heart that Selma has for stewardship and encouragement. Barlow said seeing the community come out as a whole to support Cahaba Mental Health meant the world to its members, to know that they have an entire community supporting them.

We encourage the community to spend more time with these joyful residents, seeing how their day was immensely brightened Tuesday.

We also applaud the Dallas County School system for coming out in full support to cheer on Cahaba Mental Health. Their enthusiasm was evident as they spent time working with participants.

These are the kinds of events Selma needs more of.

These are the events that bring community members from all different walks of life together for one common cause — to support each other.


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