Leaders, workers should still strive for timely finish on amphitheater

Published 7:52pm Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Although inclement weather has pushed back progress on the amphitheater, we encourage city planning and development and those working on the project to continue to strive to complete the riverfront attraction on time.

Not only are we looking forward to using the amphitheater as a city, but also we are depending on it to act as a focal point for riverfront entertainment. City leaders continually talk about turning Water Avenue in to an entertainment district and the amphitheater is just the ticket to make that happen.

And although weather is an unavoidable obstacle, it should not delay the amphitheater’s progression greatly.

This is an attraction that will benefit not only our residents, but also visitors who travel to Selma and spend their money here.

We also encourage city leaders to treat the amphitheater as the first step in a ripple effect to making Water Avenue a popular destination. We need more restaurants, shops and other venues to line Water Avenue to complete the dream of having an all-inclusive entertainment district in Selma.


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