Clean up, keep Selma beautiful

Published 10:27pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

With so many recent showers, Selma and Dallas County has high hopes for rich spring colors. Flowers are soon to bloom throughout the area but there is an eyesore that could potentially distract from their beauty — trash and litter.

Driving down several streets in Selma you will find plastic bags, receipts and other trash blowing in the wind. Empty soda cans and used napkins are unfortunately a common sight in some areas of town.

As a city and county we should take pride in our home and not taint it with litter. Acts like these only dull the shine on our beautiful Queen City.

We encourage more attention be drawn to these “trashy” eyesores and more accountability be held as a city for keeping Selma beautiful. Many events — like Jubilee and Street Fest — are quickly approaching. It’s up to us to make sure these events stay clean, rather than leave our streets with a trail of litter to pick up. So, instead of masking our azaleas and moss-covered trees with trash, let’s clean up after each other and see spring come in full bloom.

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