Blue Ribbon Award: The Alabama Independent School Association recently named Meadowview Christian School an AISA Blue Ribbon School for the 2012-2013 year. -- Katie Wood

Meadowview honored by AISA with blue ribbon

Published 10:59pm Friday, January 25, 2013


Meadowview Christian School is one of 30 Alabama schools to be awarded by the Alabama Independent School Association as an AISA Blue Ribbon School earlier this month, and one of two Blue Ribbon Schools in Dallas County.

“For us it’s an indication that we’re doing the things we need to be doing, and our kids are having opportunities to participate in as many activities as they can,” Meadowview’s Headmaster Miriam Anderson said. “[It shows] that we’re maintaining our focus on academic success. It’s sort of a yard stick showing that we’re doing everything that we need to do.”

Anderson has served Meadowview Christian as headmaster for the past three years, and said that for each of those three years, the school has been awarded as a Blue Ribbon School.

“We have been very fortunate and have received the award each one of those years, and others as well,” Anderson said.

To become a Blue Ribbon School school’s must submit an application and meet an array of criteria including: AISA accreditation, SAT performance must meet or exceed a certain level, extra-curricular activities must be offered in a wide range of arenas from academic competition to arts competition, community service and much more.

AISA describes a Blue Ribbon School as an excellent school involved in an on-going process of school improvement.

According to the AISA Blue Ribbon School application, “A Blue Ribbon School exemplifies excellence in teaching, student performance, school life, and school and community interaction.”

Anderson said she didn’t know if she was as much surprised, as she was pleased to receive recognition as a Blue Ribbon School.

“Every time you apply for something there’s always a chance that you won’t get it, but we were certainly pleased to have gotten it,” she said. “We are doing much more of a focus on fine arts education in the last year or so, so our students are a bit more well-rounded upon graduation. I think that’s made a difference for us.”

Anderson said there are several things that set Meadowview Christian apart — particularly the family atmosphere, an element she said penetrates every aspect of their education and extracurricular activities.

“The big thing about Meadowview is the thing I say to everybody, which is that the Christian education is certainly our foundation, but the big thing that sets Meadowview apart, in my mind, is the family atmosphere,” Anderson said. “And no that’s not really measured by the Blue Ribbon award, but the family atmosphere goes into everything we do.”

The AISA Blue Ribbon School program is sponsored by the AISA to recognize member schools with outstanding educational programs. According to AISA, Meadowview Christian has attained a high level of excellence and is a worthy recipient.

“We appreciated what the AISA does for us in terms of making the competitions and things that our kids can participate in, available,” Anderson said.

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