Morgan Hunt sets its sights

Published 10:32pm Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morgan Academy is preparing to welcome hunters from all around for its annual deer hunt.

The Morgan Academy Deer Hunt will begin Friday, Jan. 18 and end Sunday, Jan. 20.

Morgan curriculum coordinator Karim Oaks said the hunt is one source of revenue for the school.

“The deer hunt has allowed us to raise quite a bit of money for the school,” Oaks said. “It’s given money to our science lab, it’s given money to a number of things.”

The deer hunt secures 40,000 plus acres of privately-owned land as registered hunters are given land and a time to hunt on that land.

Ira Wagoner, chairman of the board of directors at Morgan Academy, said the event is a good way to bring together local and nationwide hunters.

“It’s a good mix of our hunting lands and the needs of the school to raise some money for educational purposes,” Wagoner said. “It just fit together real well. It’s a chance for the members of the school community to come together. They get their land and their time and these hunters come from all over the country. It’s a way of spreading Morgan’s name around the country and making some revenue at the same time.”

Wagoner said Morgan goes online and gives each hunter a valid deer-hunting license for the weekend, and hunters bring a weapon of their choice.

Wagoner added that hunters should be able to still sign up early in the coming week, but that’s based on availability of hunting land.

“Getting hunters sometimes is not the hardest thing, it’s where to put them once they come in order for them to have a chance to hunt some deer,” Wagoner said. “I think about the first part of the week, there are still some opportunities to sign up. I think until the first of the week, they’ll still be taking hunters, maybe until Tuesday.”

Wagoner said Saturday night will also include a catfish supper for families of the school and hunters.

Saturday will also include a silent auction.

For more information on the deer hunt, log on to or contact Morgan Academy at 875-4464.

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