Police: Body found in home

Published 1:06am Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SELMONT — There seems to be more questions than answers involving the discovery of a body in a Utah Street home Monday morning.

According to Lt. Johnny King of the Selma Police Department, the department received an emergency call about a body discovered on the second floor of the Utah Street home by one of the deceased’s family.

King said the body — a 30-year-old male — was found to have a stab wound in the abdomen.

“At this point, we are treating this as a death investigation,” King said. “We are continuing our investigation, our interviews, and expect to have a preliminary autopsy report [Tuesday] afternoon. At that time, we might change the nature of the investigation.”

King said based on the information gathered, the department might classify the death a homicide, a suicide or an accident.

“At this point, the coroner said the person might have been dead about five to six hours by the time we responded,” King said, adding the department arrived on the scene just before 10 a.m.

He said a number of items that might have been used to kill the victim were found in the home, but none of them have been found to be the instrument used in the stabbing yet.

“We have to wait on forensics to show us which — if any — of those items was used,” King said.

In the midst of the investigation so far Monday, King said the department learned a total of eight people — including the deceased — lived at the home, and all of them were at the home at the time the victim would have died.

“We will know a lot more when we get through these interviews and we get the preliminary autopsy report,” King said. “But, at this time, we are simply calling this a death investigation.”

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  • popdukes12

    Several questions arise here: 1) Why would the SPD be handling this and not the County Sheriff’s office, given that this happened in the county? 2) How can a body not be discovered for five or six hours in a house with eight people in it? 3) If it were suicide, wouldn’t the obvious weapon be in the area? 3) If there were a confrontation, surely one of the people in the house would have noticed.

    • http://www.selmatimesjournal.com/ Tim Reeves

      Pop, Utah Street is located in the city’s police jurisdiction and thus their responsibility to respond and investigate.

      • popdukes12

        Tim, I realize Utah is in the Police jurisdiction. The point is that outside of shuffling prisoners to and from the County jail, the county sheriff’s office doesn’t provide many, if any, services to the citizen of Selma (inside the city limits). The county does pay for a coroner, but patrolling routes, coverage visibility, school patrols, fire call responding, events coverage, poll site coverage, market day coverage, etc. just doesn’t happen. The coroner has to go to all deaths, but why don’t we see a corresponding county sheriff’s officer going to the call, as they are both county employees. If that is protocol now, it just started. Half of the citizens of Dallas County live inside the city limits of Selma, and pay county taxes, with very little to show for it from the county. Maybe the County wishes to contract for services of the Sheriff’s Department with Selma (like Valley Grande does) so they can be paid twice (once by taxes, and once by the contract). If a reporter were to look at the “call log” for the Sheriff’s office, they would readily see the disproportions I’m speaking of. The SPD patrols Selmont regularly as it is in the police jusisdiction, and this costs the people living inside the city limits money. The city of Selma also does all fire calls for Selmont, and this is costly. Selmont has failed on more than one occasion to incorporate itself due to not wanting to pay their own way in terms of fire and police protection. Here is a question for you. Does Selma police patrol Valley Grande, which is within three miles of the city limits. The county loves the revenue from the city, but falls short when it comes to “ponying up” with the services. The death investigation in Selmont is the City’s responsibility, because prior administrations have never questioned the validity of it.being a city responsibility out in the county. You can’t hear a murder case in city court, or even county court, but the Sheriff’s office is further up the enforcement “food chain” and should investigate all deaths, along with the county coroner. Just my opinion………..Pops.

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