Cause of death declared

Published 10:30pm Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The autopsy for the body of a 30-year-old man discovered in a Utah Street home Monday has been returned, stating the death was a suicide.

Initially the Selma Police Department reported the body was found to have a stab wound in the abdomen, but after the autopsy, they discovered it was in fact a shotgun wound.

“That’s what we originally thought because you really couldn’t tell with the natural eye,” Lt. Johnny King, with the Selma Police Department, said. “But when we did the autopsy we found out he had been shot.”

King said the victim’s family was home at the time the man died, and noted a total of eight people, including the deceased, lived at the home.

“They discovered [the body],” King said. “They were in the house when it happened, just in different rooms.”

Monday, King told the Times-Journal, “The coroner said the person might have been dead about five to six hours by the time we responded.”

King said the family might not have been able to hear the shotgun, because the man had somehow muffled the sound of the shot fired.

The police department recovered the weapon — a shotgun — and King said they had evidence to suggest that it was in fact a suicide.

“A statement was made earlier by him,” King said. “He did leave some signs that it was a suicide.”

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