Disappointed with newspaper bias

Published 7:59pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear editor,

In the Dec. 30 edition of The Selma Times-Journal, a columnist by the name of James G Smith was allowed space on your opinion page regarding the national debt.  In my opinion it was extremely biased, untruthful, and I believe not the type of article that should be given an ounce of consideration.

Some of the ridiculous comments made by Smith, an obviously uninformed columnist, were as follows:

“On the Democratic side all they want is more revenue to throw to the winds and remain in power.” “Neither side is wiling to even talk about paying down the monstrous debt they have all contributed to.” “… the president and his party do not give a good ding-dang.” “I’m convinced Democrats are intent on continuing the spending so long as they stay in power and country stays solvent.”

Really? I’m so very disappointed to see this biased, untrue, idiotic journalism in The Selma Times-Journal during this most critical time in our history. In my opinion, Mr. Smith belongs to the uninformed, delusional, or just plain stupid minority.

I realize it’s an “opinion,” but how about using more informed and less biased columnists in the future?

Judi Crain


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  • Popdukes12

    Judi…Which one of his statements was incorrect? Sorry, but I didn’t see one. pops

    • Taxpayer

      Do you REALLY think the president and his party do not give a good ding-dang? Have not both sides been negotiating for weeks to avoid the fiscal cliff? This so called columnist (Smith) was simply spewing his dislike of our politicians. And the STJ should (in my opinion) print articles by columnist with a brain. This Smith guy needs a lesson in journalism.

      • MO-OF-IT

        seems to me you need a lesson in simple economics!
        What he dislikes is that the govt is on an out fo control spending spree.
        How long would your houehold last if you spent 60% more than you make?
        If you are truly a taxpayer rather than tax recipient you would understand this.

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