Southside students detained for attacking teacher

Published 7:55pm Saturday, December 15, 2012

Four 15-year-old, female students from Southside High school were detained in the Juvenile Dallas County Detention Center Friday after being accused of beating up a teacher in the school lunchroom Thursday, and will remain there until their hearing Tuesday.

It all started with a tardy, District Attorney Michael Jackson said.

“At least one of the students were tardy and the teacher told them to go to the vice principals office, and apparently they didn’t go,” Jackson said. “The teacher saw whoever was tardy in the lunchroom and got into a dispute with them about the fact that they didn’t go to the vice principal. Then one of these four girls got on the table and jumped on the teacher. Then all hell broke loose.”

Jackson said the teacher was arguing with the student about not going to the vice principal’s office as she was told, which led to the student jumping the teacher.

“And then the other three joined in. I don’t know wether they accidentally got hit or were protecting them, or whether they were joining in with their friend, or if they don’t like the teacher, I don’t know,” Jackson said. “But at some point the other three joined in.”

The teacher sustained scratches in the incident, Jackson said.

Jackson explained because all four suspects were juveniles, law mandates they were entitled to a detention hearing in a specific amount of time and they appeared before Judge Bob Armstrong Friday morning.

“We had the detention hearing and [the judge] left them detained. So they will have detention over the weekend all the way up to the

Tuesday hearing,” Jackson said. “This Tuesday coming up, it’s like a trial, but since they’re juvenile’s you don’t call it a trial, you call it a hearing. Whatever disposition of the case will happen Tuesday.”

The four juvenile’s will appear before Judge Armstrong in juvenile court at the court house at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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