Hunters urged to join Big Buck contest

Published 11:00pm Thursday, December 6, 2012

Local hunters are suiting up in their finest camouflage and strapping on their rifles in search of a highly sought after prize — the biggest buck.

The Big Buck Contest is in full swing, tempting Dallas County Hunters with a $1,000 cash prize and a free deer mount and stand.

Chet Chappelle, owner of Rountree Outdoors, said he’s had 55 people already sign up for the contest, which ends Jan. 31, and expects that number to grow.

“It’s been going really well,” Chappelle said of the contest. “This has been a good hunting season as far as deer goes.”

After shooting their buck, hunters take their game to Mim’s Taxidermy where the buck will be measured and scored. At the end of the season, the hunter with the highest score will be declared the winner.

Chapelle said although rifle season, which began three weeks ago, has been rewarding many hunters with big bucks, the biggest bucks are still out there.

“The good hunting season hasn’t really started yet,” he said. “When the deer go into rut, that’s when the big bucks come out.”

The rut, or rutting period, Chappelle said, is when female deer go into heat and the male deer go in search of a mate, thus making it easy for hunters to catch a big buck off guard.

“Everyone should come by here and enter this contest because that’s when the big bucks are going to come out,” Chappelle said.

Along with the Big Buck Contest, there is also a Junior Big Buck competition, which will award a $500 cash prize to a hunter age 15 or younger.

When registering at Rountree, Chappelle said contestants will be given a tag that must accompany their deer when having it scored at Mim’s Taxidermy, located at 3691 Ala. Hwy. 22 W.

“Contestants will then present the deer head and ticket and let him know that they are a part of the contest so the buck can be scored,” Chappelle said.

Winners will be announced Feb. 1.

Last year Bruce Gates, inaugural winner of the contest, won with an 8-point buck that scored 151.

A $20 registration fee is needed to enter the contest and all rules can be found at Rountree Outdoors, located at 2613 Citizens Parkway.

“I encourage all hunters to participate,” Chappelle said. “It’s not like a NASCAR race where someone’s going to try and beat you to the finish line — it’s just fun.”

The Big Buck Contest is sponsored by Rountree Outdoors, Mims Taxidermy, Pepsi, Fuzion 100 and The Selma Times-Journal.

Hunters must be registered before the deer is scored. Hunters are encouraged to register now, keep their ticket and go out to take the winning buck.

For more information call Rountree Outdoors at 872-2651.

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