Selma High’s road repair needed

Published 10:58pm Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Those who drive down Broad Street can see the mountain of dirt that once obscured the view of the new Selma High School is now gone. The dirt was used as fill dirt to level off portions of the parking lot and other areas.

Needless to say, the removal of “Mt. Selma High” is a welcomed sight and provides passersby a fantastic view of an amazing facility.

But while the finishing touches on the school and the property are quickly being completed, much is left to be done on the roads surrounding Selma High School. Already in somewhat tough shape, Memorial Avenue, 6th Avenue and Franklin Street have taken an absolute beating from the heavy construction traffic over the past months.

Last week, Selma City School Board president Henry Hicks Sr. said he would welcome the chance to meet with Selma Mayor George Evans about what can be done to resurface or in some way repair these streets.

We hope such a meeting is quickly scheduled – if it hasn’t been held already – and that the two leaders come to some plan.

We know finding money for road construction is a – pardon the pun – a tough road to hoe these days. But, something needs to be done.

Overall, $30 million would have been spent on this education complex and it truly has become a jewel in our community. It has not only become a must-see on any industrial recruitment trip to the area, but it has become the pride and joy of the teachers, the staff and the students who go there each and every day.

To have streets that are better fitted for Kabul, Afghanistan surrounding this facility for one day longer than necessary, would be a true shame.

We applaud the efforts by these leaders planning to get together.

Let’s hope the funding can be found and that these roads can be repaired quickly.

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