Damages from flooding reaches in the millions

Published 7:30pm Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After damaging storms and floodwaters swept through Dallas County in early September, the county now has official numbers and tallies of the damages done and the cost that it will take for everything to return to normal.

Dallas County EMA director Rhonda Abbott said after holding two public meetings to gather information about those who incurred damages to their property it will cost several million dollars. She announced the damages at the county commission meeting on Monday.

“We are about at $3.2 million in damages from the 9.9 inches of rainfall we received in less than 16 hours,” Abbott said. “

There were two businesses that were damaged, 25 homes completely flooded, 230 homes with partial flooding, 72 homes with damages from the storm, 62 cars were flooded (Not including Victor Nissan,) two educational facilities flooded and five apartments.

“This is not damage including county roads and such, this is just personal property that was damaged,” She said. “It was very, very hard for us at EMA to go out and capture this damage…. I didn’t even know where the damage was because you can’t see the damage from the road. All of this damage is inside the homes.”

Abbott said that for most of these homeowners that had damages, home insurance did not even play a role and they are having trouble finding assistance due to the flood rider. Because two to three homes out of all the ones damaged are almost totally condemned, Abbott said she is working with the state and also with FEMA.

“We are working now to try and pull back together these individuals that still have unmet needs and there are quite a few of those that can not afford it,” Abbott said. “The people that absolutely can’t afford to go to a motel and get out of their house —which is now covered in mold — we have got a lot of issues going on with different people and we are reaching out to the state and to local volunteer groups.”

She also warned the community that they could be taken advantage of at a time like this with people claiming to assist them.

All those with damages should seek assistance through the Selma-Dallas County EMA office.

  • popdukes12

    We had a flood in Selma in the ’80′s and a rumor got out that the FEMA people would be judging how much money you got by the size of the pile of stuff in front of your address. People were actually having their kids going over to the neighbors pile and bringing the ruined furniture home with them. FEMA finally gave each house $1,500 in the flooded area. pops

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