Take a stand and call Crimestoppers

Published 9:10pm Monday, July 23, 2012

On more than one occasion, we have taken to this space and called on the residents of Selma and Dallas County to take back their streets, to stand up to those who cower behind the weapons of intimidation and fear.

We have taken to this space on more than one occasion and called on the residents of Selma and Dallas County to tell those who would sell drugs, organize gangs and consistently harass the good, God-fearing residents in our communities, that we will no longer harbor them, no longer stand for their illegal ways.

One such way of standing up to the criminal element is to use Crimestoppers.

In the case of these tip lines, residents have available to them the most effective weapon in taking on crime.

Every tip that comes in to Crimestoppers does not always pay off with an immediate arrest. But, in most cases, the information does help investigators.

Recently, the annual Billy Atchison Fish Fry — held during the ArtsRevive Streetfest in early May — raised $5,200 to further support Crimestoppers.

Congratulations to all involved.

For that donation —and for the entire Crimestoppers service to fully pay off — it needs residents to take action and call. The number is 866-44-CRIME.


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