BCS dancers to host red carpet event

Published 11:45pm Saturday, May 12, 2012

Though the BCS National Championship game held in New Orleans has been long over, one local dance group is still feeling the magic.

In honor of her students’ hard work and performance during the game’s halftime show, Margie Burk of Margie’s Dance Studio, will hold a red carpet affair on Tuesday, May 15 at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Striplin Performing Arts Center.

The girls, who will be dressed in their formal wear, will be driven to the performing arts building, dropped off and later escorted into the building.

“We’re inviting the mayor and the city council, the county commission,” Burk said. “We’re going to be showing the halftime performance, a lot of people have expressed a desire to see it.”

Burk said the halftime performance will be shown to the public at 6 p.m. and the concession stand will also be opened for purchases.

If they (the public) have time to stay, we’ll show the entire DVD that shows a large slide show of still photos, about 180 pictures, of our BCS championship experience from start to finish,” Burk said. “Later, we’ll also show a video of rehearsals and interviews with the choreographer.”

Thirteen of Margie’s dancers were among 2,000 performers in the halftime show. The experience, Burk said, is something the girls will cherish.

“The reason I wanted this is because I felt it would bring a finale to the girls’ experience,” Burk said. “A lot of these girls will leave to go to college and will never see each other again. We shopped together, played together, ate together; there was such a bond that was made. The girls worked so hard for this, it’s a special treat. I thought it’d be good to get together one last time.”

Burk said parents, family and friends are also encouraged to dress up and attend the free, special occasion.

“This is not a casual affair,” Burk said. “If the girls are going to dress up in their formal or Sunday wear, we encourage guests to also put on their best.”

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