Boxes for human remains found

Published 11:42pm Monday, February 13, 2012

“I can’t believe people would dump that kind of stuff,” he said. “Who knows if you could get a disease or something? There were three or four crates that were busted apart.”

The initial pile was only meant to be a brush pile, which was created by property owners who were cleaning a fence line.

“Those trash piles are rubbish piles, and they don’t expect people to use them for a dump,” he said. “No garbage should be there anyway. You wouldn’t want something out there that could be contaminated.”

Patricia Tolbert, one of the owners of Lewis Brothers, said the business sold a truck to an individual who took possession of the truck Monday. What she and others did not realize is that the crates and boxes were still in the back of the truck.

“Right now, we are working with the person we sold the truck to to find out what happened. Why he dumped those items there,” Tolbert said. “We really did not realize those items were still in the back.”

Both Tolbert and Hatfield confirmed Monday afternoon the items had been removed and cleaned up.

Hatfield said the truck owner — who was not identified — came to clean up the debris while officer with the Selma Police Department were gathering information for a police report.

“I decided not to press any charges since everyone came together to get it taken care of,” Hatfield said.

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    This has to be the most disgusting news story I’ve read in a long, long time…and I agree with Popdukes, “Who would sell a vehicle and not look in it first…” WHO would do that??? And, who would BUY a vehicle and not check it out first? This story is lacking common sense all over it! Poor Jerry…that had to be disturbing to say the very least! It makes me want to take a shower and scrub this story off of me.

  • monicah collins


  • D-man

    i’m just glad an actual body wasn’t still in it… especially considering they sold it and didin’t look in it..

  • popdukes12

    Who would sell a vehicle and not look in it first. I’m wondering if this funeral home takes the same attitude with their customers.
    @ Jerry,Do you need me to send you some hand sanitizer? pops

  • D-man

    Well, at least some voodoo witch doctor didn’t leave a chicken handing outside the door… I was beginning to wonder if someone was leaving you a message..

    glad they figured it out and took care of it..

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