Board will delay its selection

Published 11:19pm Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pending legal action from its former superintendent also brought a halt to the Selma City School Board’s selection of a search firm to select a new superintendent.

The board voted unanimously Thursday night to delay its selection of a search firm — which had been scheduled to take place at the meeting — until after a Tuesday hearing.

Board president Henry Hicks said he felt it would be a wise decision to delay a selection until the board has a clear picture of how legal action will shape up.

“Due to the fact this is going to court Tuesday, is it that urgent that we should do this tonight?” he asked. “I honestly think one or two days isn’t going to hurt. I would ask the board to allow us to take this off the agenda tonight and make a later determination on which way we are going.”

The board’s attorney, Katie Campbell, said that decision is up to the board.

“That decision is up to the board,” she said. “The board can decide to hire a firm tonight, or delay it.”

There was some confusion that a bylaw would allow the board to select a superintendent Thursday night. However, Campbell said this is not so.

  • e1948eab74

    Hopefully the Big Three will continue to stand firm and continue to do what is right. Thank you!

  • mo-of-thesame

    As always Mr. Hicks is playing politics. Of this there is no doubt.

    What the Red Shirt party of “No” needs to understand is that Don Jefferson is not returning to the Selma City Schools regardless of the outcome Tuesday. He has been terminated and if on the outside chance there has been a meetings violation all that needs to happen is another meeting is called to confirm the termination. All the protest, prayer vigils and sit ins will not change that fact. This writer would also go as far to say he most likely will never work in public education again due to his arrogance, threats and antics. The pawns of Perkins need to wise up and realize this is all about the money and has nothing to do with the children.

    The politicos behind this madness know this so what we really need to worry about is what the real plan is, seems to me that they are setting him up to be a martyr. Jefferson will most likely apply for the Superintendent’s job once posted, then file a civil suit when declined; spending more of the children’s dollars. Then he will be running for political office, whether that is the school board or city council is hard to tell but be sure that is his (Perkins et al) plan. Using this as a spring board to higher office he plans to replace the taxpayer funded salary his arrogance destroyed.

    The moderate working people of Selma can stop this before the snowball gets too big. Support the board and its actions. Take a stand against moving Selma backwards so a few can profit. A march toward progress profits us all…. Especially the children.

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