The familiar pink building on Water Avenue formerly known as Kids-R-Kids has changed its name to All About Our Kids. The owners of the service said the name is the only thing that has changed. The same services will be provided. -- Robert Hudson

Daycare center changes name

Published 9:42pm Saturday, January 14, 2012

A local day care is undergoing a name change, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting a complete makeover.

Located on Water Avenue, Kids-R-Kids daycare has changed its name to ‘All About Our Kids’ after threats of legal action from a company in Georgia.

Tracy Dawson, office manager of All About Our Kids, said the daycare was recently informed about the situation, which prompted the name change.

“We recently received information from an attorney from Atlanta notifying us that Kids-R-Kids is a trademark name that belongs to a center that has centers in Georgia and Puerto Rico, and they have rights to the Kids-R-Kids name, which was established by them in 1998. We were established in 1999,” Dawson said. “As a result, they were threatening to sue us if we did not change our name, although we’ve been Kids-R-Kids since 1999 and we went through the proper procedures as far as filing with the state as you would do when you want to name a daycare and as far as we were concerned, and the state was concerned, that name was available.”

All About Our Kids is fully licensed by the state of Alabama, and Dawson said the daycare went through the state again for the naming process.

“We went through the process again, we went through several names, did several searches. It was quite a process to come up with a name,” Dawson said. “We finally came up with the name All About Our Kids and from that and from this experience now, we will be trademarking that name, so that we will not have to go through this again.”

Despite the name change, Dawson said there will be no other changes to the daycare and the phone number, address, location, management and staff will stay the same.

Dawson said All About Our Kids, which is owned and operated by her niece Sheryl Morgan, would remain the same family-owned business that aims to help children.

“The main focus here is to take care of our children,” Dawson said. “We also emphasize education with the children that we serve. We take children from four weeks old up to 12 years old. We also offer after school programs, which we have teachers that come in a tutor kids after school. We have two buses that pick up from basically all the city schools. We take them to school and bring them back. We do homework until the parent comes to pick them up. We’re very fortunate to be in business as long as we have.”

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