One Way Christian Bookstore employee Valerie Shirah poses with owners Wayne and Frank Halloway, Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce executive director Sheryl Smedley, Selma Mayor George Evans and Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard to celebrate 38 years. The store is holding a drawing for an organ to be given away Oct. 31 as part of its two-week celebration. -- Rick Couch

One Way: One of a kind

Published 8:45pm Monday, October 10, 2011

Through tough economic conditions and ups and downs, the One Way Christian Book Store in Selma has survived. This week, the store, which is owned by Frank Calloway and his son Wayne, celebrated 38 years, a milestone unmatched by any Christian bookstore in the state and few in the nation.

The store, which is the oldest of its kind in the state of Alabama and 20th oldest in the nation, was opened by Frank after he had sold his previous business.

“I was in the clothing business and I sold out of it,” he said. “After about three years, I decided to open this store. I had researched it and it seemed like a good idea right then.”

The decision, Wayne said, took some thought, but he finally decided to take a shot.

“A friend approached him about opening a Christian bookstore and he kept telling him no,” he said. “Finally, the Lord told him this is the way he wanted him to go and he did it in 1973.”

The store has made several moves through the years. It was originally on Selma Avenue where the Performing Arts Center is today. The store then moved to Broad Street because of expansion in the old YMCA building. Another move put the store on Highland Avenue where The Boot and Shoe is. Finally, Wayne said he and his father bought their present location from the Baptist Association.

“We’ve expanded each time we’ve moved and we have become more diversified,” he said. “We’ve gone from being a book and music store to include a wide array of gifts, children through adult.”

The store provides engraving services on plaques and trophies and personalizes items. They also perform services on glass, wood and acrylics. Wayne said they often create gifts for people as well.

In addition to the store’s selection, Wayne said they also special order books for personal use and the schools’ summer reading programs.

Selma Mayor George Evans, Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce director Sheryl Smedley were at the store Monday to help them kick off a two-week anniversary sale in which they are registering customers for the chance to win an organ.

Participants, Wayne said, can register once a day and must be 18.

The drawing will be held Oct. 31.

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    Congratulations on doing business the “right way!” I remember when you first opened the doors…ONE WAY was a hot slogan back then…apparently it still is. Here’s to another 38 years of doing things the RIGHT WAY.

  • e1948eab74

    Wait! Isn’t that gambling? Don’t let Bob Riley hear of this.

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