Barbara J. Moore browses a produce stand at the Selma Flea Market and R.V. Park. -- Robert Hudson

Flea market unveils changes

Published 8:18pm Saturday, August 13, 2011

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

The Selma Flea Market and R.V. Park has made a few changes to make vendors and customers feel more at home.

Flea market owner Gary Maluda has added a new wing and moved the concession stands.

“We’ve got a new, larger concession stand, so we can serve people better,” said Sherry Maluda, Gary’s mother who work’s in the flea market office.

“We’ve also got a new stand where we cook chicken and ribs and the vendor does a really good job.”

Sherry said the concession stand was moved and expanded because the old one was too small.

The additional wing, called B wing, adds room for 28 additional vendors.

The new rib and chicken stand was added to give customers another dining choice and the cook, Dwight McCorvey, said the changes are bringing in a lot of business.

“Once they built things like this stand, it helped promote their business,” McCorvey said.

“A lot of people come out here now just to get ribs.”

Donnie Harrison, who has been a produce vendor at the flea market for 20 years, said the new additions bring more traffic and ultimately more business for all vendors.

“It’s good because it makes more business come in,” Harrison said. “It’s really helped quite a bit.”

Dora Davis, who sales baked goods and has been a vendor at the flea market about 15 years, said the addition of a new wing and concession stand has the added effect of creating a nice environment where anyone can browse.

“It’s very nice and it’s brought in more business,” Davis said. “A lot of the elderly people are able to come out and walk through under the cool, shaded area and it’s a great place to visit.”

One vendor, Angela Harper, has worked at the flea market since 1986, back when vendors just sold their goods in an empty field.

Harper said the new changes, just like the old, have brought more business and new vendors.

“There are lot of young vendors here now with a lot of different things,” Harper said. “It’s a good, clean market.”

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