Governor’s speech at church divides us

Published 10:49pm Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maybe we can push it aside as being the first day on the job; not knowing what all the buttons do, where all the hallways lead.

But someone as polished a politician as to be elected the governor of the state should know how to avoid making news on his first day for the so-called divisive comments he makes in a public speech than for the tone he sets for his administration or the policies he sets forth.

Tuesday, Nov. 2 was more than two months ago, so Gov. Robert Bentley has had plenty of time to work on the first public speeches he was going to give on inauguration day.

Heck, the polls showed him winning far ahead of that Tuesday, so we can only assume he began working on inaugural plans in mid-October.

Gov. Bentley is right to say that Alabama is a state built upon faith. It was. It is. In fact, our entire country is built upon faith and the freedom to practice it whichever way an individual sees fit.

But where he went slightly off line was when he said “so anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior,” he said to a group gathered Monday at Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. “I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.”

It was the proper setting to have such a discussion. It was even the topic to share with many who do not share Bentley’s faith.

But, he should have known that it was these statements, and not the ones about putting Alabamians back to work, the media would talk about. It is these statements, which some have called divisive, people would be talking about rather than the reconciliatory tone of being governor for all Alabamians and not just the governor for those who supported him.

We will let it go as just learning the ropes of Montgomery and understanding how your words, now as governor, carry much more weight and are more scrutinized then they ever were in a doctor’s office.

Let’s just hope the governor’s press secretary is ready for this period of adjustment.

  • D-Man

    Nina, Mr. DD seems to be the “shoot and run” type. I doubt there will be much opportunity for a two sided conversation with her, however you’ve made a courageous and very diplomatic effort.

    cudos, communication is key.

  • Nina

    Mr DD,

    How did I tear You down?

    And where is the hate in my post?

    How are we going to come to an understanding if You don’t keep up the conversation?

    I may be wrong and am open to Your side of things.

    Let’s talk,


  • D-Man

    Mr. DD.

    You seem to be trying to tear Sunshine down, yet you say you don’t have too. You seem a little eh confused.

    You also see to be trying oppress sunshine in the worse sort of way… a threat for her race to “isolate” her.

    That certainly won’t be the case as I can’t imagine you having much of a following or support.

  • Mr.DD

    Nina, the only reason you would be seen eating with Sunshine is because you can use her.I recieve many invitations from blacks and whites for dinner in their homes and restaurants.I don’t have to tear others down to make myself look good.Nina the only thing you and D-Man know how to cook is hate.SUNHINE ENJOY YOUR MEAL

    • Nina

      Mr DD

      How can You say You know what’s in my heart?

      Interesting…You remind me of a certain group in town that thrives on division.

      You say You don’t “tear others down to make myself look good.”

      Did I say something that offended You?
      I certainly didn’t mean to and I apologize.

      I merely asked if opposing the Sanders was a “White thing”?


  • yellowroseofTexas

    I consider the phrase “how white you try to act” to be an insult to both blacks and whites. It is just as bad as calling someone “Uncle Tom.”

  • D-Man

    what’s this letter all about? sounds like some very strong threats coming from hank sanders against our first african american president to me.

    Who is this lady he’s known and supported for 40 years? someone rose helped win a big lawsuit for and she got a cushy government job. Take care of your own, as she said, and certainly that has been what’s going on for a long time now.

    Hank’s really sticking his neck out for her, threatening our president and all.

    Another embarrassment for the state of Alabama.

    Did this get press time. Probably not.

  • D-Man

    If I were black, and I am not, I would not want to hang out with fear mongering people such as hank and rose, and more than fear mongering whites.

    • D-Man

      “any more than…”

  • Mr.DD

    Sunshine,while you are trying to degrade Hank AND Rose,these white people aren’t going to like you any more. You are not going to get any invitations to dinner. Everybody knows that you are a wanna be.There are some people laughlin at you and feel that your assistance/EBT card shoud be cut off.No matter how white you try to act, your’e still black.

    • Nina

      Mr DD,

      I’d almost bet that You don’t get many ‘invitations to dinner either’. Folks are just too busy nowadays.
      But I’d be honored to share a meal with Sunshine.

      Is opposing Hank and Rose called ‘acting white?’


  • Sunshine

    Since he was in a Christian setting…I understand…thats what we are taught! Its not like he made the speech on the steps of the govoners house!

  • smallville

    Non Christians aren’t my brothers or sisters, either. Hate to break it to all of you who are upset over what Gov. Bentley said, but,in reality, my God is a separatist. He told me to separate myself from non believers. It doesn’t mean I don’t like non believers. What he said wasn’t politically correct, but it was Biblically correct. If you don’t think so, get back into THE book.

  • Nina

    This could be retitled, “Jesus’ words in the Bible divide us.”

    I’ll repeat myself: Gov. Bentley was correct in not leaving his religion outside the doors of the Church.

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  • leo71

    I’m agnostic,does this not make me his brother? Whatever happen to being a “beacon of light”? Doesn’t do much to bring people like me into the fold.

    • Nina


      As a human being, You are my brother:
      The brotherhood of Man

      As a Christian You aren’t.

      It’s simply complicated.


      Just curious, ignore me and I’ll still like You but,
      Why aren’t You a Christian?


  • D-Man

    He was in church. MLK Jr. and just about every politician you can think of has mentioned Jesus at some point.

    He hasn’t starting burning any witches yet, so let’s give him a chance.

    We are in a society that it’s ok to ridicule Christians, yet it’s not politically correct to mention Muslims.

    I’m not saying that some who say they are Christians in history haven’t abused their power, just like ANY other religion, or like any NON-religion such as atheists abusing their power when giving authority.

    Wow, you’d be surprised how many professing Wiccan’s are in the work force now, and I am speaking of college educated people, not rebellious teenagers.

  • yellowroseofTexas

    I applaud Governor Bentley for speaking the truth about his faith. Any time someone is open about his/her Christian faith it seems the media for the most part goes into attack mode. Such attacks, however, confirm what a Christian believes. We know we will be persecuted because of our faith.
    There are also so many programs dedicated to the Bible and the Christian faith in which people are analyzing them in detail. Such interest confirms that the Bible is true, and people study it in this way in attempt to destroy the Christian faith and attack Christians themselves.

  • D-Man

    How about this: Rose Sanders repeatedly states that the third stage of white supremacy is for a white person to want to take you out to lunch.

    Really? Keep programing that in people’s heads because why? You hate to see a white person eating lunch with a black person. Ha.

    Sure, divide whites and blacks even more than they already are Rose. All of you dividers out there, keep writing and keep talkin’ … keep up the good work!!

    • Sunshine

      D-Man…Rose should know best…thats all her husband does….have you seen the picture of him this morning. In all of the pictures of Hank…I have never seen him smile so!! If she made that statement I understand all that wheelin and dealin Hanks does happens at the table! After all he said he ain’t going back…so instead he submits! LOL!

      • D-Man

        lol Sunshine… maybe that’s one of the reasons she’s so darn angry is because she doesn’t want her husband doing it!!! :)

  • D-Man

    I’ll tell you something the media should be talking about in our area that made national news, not a new governor who made a statement in a church.

    You would think something so important that it made it all the way to CNN would get coverage here, for for some reason it didn’t, so instead you have to try to tear down our new governor.

    “In a recorded call to voters, Democratic Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders warns that a vote for Republicans in the governor and lieutenant governor race would mean returning blacks to “the cotton fields of Jim Crow.”

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