SCLC holds first convention this week

Published 1:09pm Monday, August 9, 2010

ATLANTA — The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is meeting this week in its hometown of Atlanta, determined to carry on its social justice agenda despite a distracting public feud.

Its board members battered and its fate still up to a judge, the group’s split board is having two conventions this week. Bernice King, who was elected president of the civil rights organization in October, will not take office as planned during the meetings and it is unclear whether she will attend. Last week, King held a prayer vigil calling for a unified SCLC to end the bickering.

The first convention began Saturday and is focused on the Gulf oil spill.

  • jis1999

    This group has done many good deeds in its time, but that is very far in the past. It is time for the SCLC to be in history books only. It can’t exist as a valid organization in the future.

  • fleecing foundation

    All you have to do is look at the “local leadership” branch of this group to figure out what it’s really about. The SCLC’s agenda of the 1960′s is nothing like the agenda of today. Just take a look at the National Chapter and all their drama.

  • bama

    This group became extint many years ago.

  • fleecing foundation

    Maybe this group can figure out who has embezzled most of their funding and stop “in-fighting” long enough to do some good in this world.

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