Live blog of Selma City Council meeting

Published 4:14pm Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting begins at 5 p.m.

  • Bama123456

    Rose Sanders or Faya Toure or whatever name she chooses to go by is an utter disgrace to the City of Selma and is a joke of an attorney. She should be barred from attending any future council meetings and should be disbarred from ever practicing law if she ever did.

  • fleecing foundation

    Hey Rose, the ONLY open dialogue needed in Selma pertaining to race is “black on black” considering the amount of violence, crime and implosion within the black community. Stop fooling yourself and everyone else with your racial antics of creating a “red herring”. We know what the REAL problems are in this town that you’ve consistantly held hostage.

    • cmttucker

      I agree there are big problems in the black community and many of them are because we suffer from internalized racism. Too many of us believe what race haters say about us. I grew up hearing and today’s youth to this day hear, “a N—er ain’t Sh–. Kinky hair is still bad and light skin is still better. Until we heal the wounds of 400 years of slavery and continued institutionalized racism our condition will not change. That being said, it does not excuse the fact that the president of the Council is a lifelong racist and it is painful to recognize that too many any Selma are ok with that.

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