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ACCA honors three Dallas County Commissioners

The Association of County Commissioners of Alabama honored three Dallas County Commissions.

Commissioners Curtis Williams, Jan Justice and Vivian Rogers were honored by the ACCA. They were presented plaques at the Dallas County Commission meeting on Monday.

Williams was honored for 24 years being a Commissioner.

“I’m grateful that the citizens of Dallas County thought enough of me to elect me several times,” Williams said. “Your love will never be forgotten.”

Rogers and Justice each were presented plaques for completing 50 hours of courses at Level 1.

The Dallas County Commission also awarded retirement plaques to Tax Collector Tammy King and Tax Assessor Weida Sheehan, who have a combined 65 years experience in those positions.

Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn praised both King and Sheehan for their years of service.

“Tammy King always made sure Dallas County taxes were paid, she’d rather take your money, than your property,” Nunn said. “Weida Sheehan always put value on properties in Dallas County. They both will be missed.”

King said it was an honor working 32 years as Tax Collector.

“I want to thank the Dallas County Commission and the Dallas County citizens for allowing me to serve as Tax Collector,” King said.

Sheehan, who worked 33 years as Tax Assessor, said it was an honor.

“I enjoyed working at the Dallas County Courthouse as Tax Assessor, this was my place away from home,” Sheehan said.

King and Sheehan’s last day will be September 30, the final day of the 2021 Fiscal year.

The County Commission also honored Monica Moorer, mother of fallen Selma Police officer Marquis Moorer with a plaque.