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Bob Armstrong to retire as Dallas County District Court Judge

Bob Armstrong set a high standard of excellence as Dallas County District Court Judge.

After 17 years, Armstrong has decided to retire. His last day as Judge will be October 17.

“I’ve been on the bench for 17 years, I can get a judge’s retirement, it’s time for me to do different things,” Armstrong said.

“I loved being judge. It was an honor being District Court Judge in Dallas County. I’m from Selma, but my heart is into doing different things.”

The next step for Armstrong is being Chairman of the Board at Arsenal Place, a position he takes after retiring as Judge.

Armstrong was elected District Court Judge in 2004, defeating three-term incumbent Nathaniel Walker in   a run-off primary election.

One of Armstrong’s goals was to open a family resource center in the area. The district judge is the county’s chief juvenile officer.

Selma and Dallas County had a terrible juvenile problem before Armstrong took office.

“We’ve seen a 80 percent drop in juvenile crime over the time I’ve been in office,” Armstrong said. “Violent juvenile crimes are down 85 percent.”

But Armstrong said the juvenile crime reduction is more than just his hard work.

“It’s not just about me, it’s about the people around me. We have an incredible team.”

Armstrong said he’s proud of the juvenile court he put in place.

“The biggest takeaway is I feel we’ve accomplished what we set out to do,” Armstrong said. “We’ve created an juvenile court system that

the state is modeling after. People across the state to see how we run our Juvenile court system. We’re leaving the Juvenile court system in great shape.”

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said Armstrong made a huge impact in the court system.

“Judge Armstrong will be missed,” Jackson said. “He was a strong advocate for high bonds on gunslingers and gang members.”

Before Armstrong became judge, he was an attorney associated with Reeves & Stewart.