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Dallas County Grand jury indicts Orrville Mayor on ethics charge

Orrville Mayor Louvenia Lumpkin was indicted Monday by the Dallas County Grand Jury on an Ethics charge.

According to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson, Lumpkin was charged with using her position for personal gain for a family member.

Jackson said that Lumpkin put her mother-in-law, mother of Orrville City Councilman William Lumpkin, in a home donated to the town of Orrville and had the town pay some of the property taxes and utility bills at the home while her mother in law lived at the residence.

After the death of William Lumpkin’s mother, court documents show that the house was purchased by the Lumpkin family for $30,000 four years ago.

The Selma Times-Journal anonymously received a letter from the Alabama Ethics Commission last August with the date of Lumpkin’s hearing and listed the allegations.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s office released the documents with the charges against Lumpkin on Tuesday morning.

Two years ago, The Alabama Ethics Commission received a written complaint from, an Orrville citizen and the person alleged that Lumpkin used her position for personal gain.

The resident wrote that Theresa Roberts Williams donated a house and property in Orrville four years ago. Williams sold the house to Lumpkins’ mother in law for $30,000. The deed was not transferred from the town of Orrville and home was listed as tax exempt. The property was never declared surplus and not offered for public bid.

“The Ethics Commission did an excellent job of investigating this situation,” Jackson said. “This Ethics charge is a Class B Felony. Nobody is above the law.”

Mayor Lumpkin, elected to three terms, denied the allegations through a written statement.

“I want to be clear: At no time did I vote or use my office to sell town property to a relative,” Lumpkin said. “This was a council decision separate and apart from me. The town used a real estate agent and a real estate attorney to handle this transaction. I can assure you that when the truth comes out everyone will see that I am a servant of the people and I will continue to do right by the people of Orrville.”

Prince Chestnut said that Mayor Lumpkin is being represented by Attorney William Pompey of Camden.