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Selma native named baseball coach of the year

Adrian Holloway made a huge impact in his first year as head baseball coach at Xavier University.

The Selma native was named baseball coach of the year by Blackcollegenines.com.

XULA finished second in the Black College World Series, which did not surprise Holloway.

“The plan worked perfectly,” Holloway said. “It’s almost exactly how I envisioned. God saw it through every step of the way. From recruiting the right kids, to hiring the right staff and protecting us from COVID.”

Holloway, who coached Selma University from 2014 until 2019, said  the city of New Orleans was crucial in his first-year success.

“First and foremost I want to thank God, without Him none of this is even possible,” Holloway said. “I wanna thank my coaching staff, Jeff De La Concha, Darryl Watkins II and Al Robinson, and the players, without them, I don’t win this award.

“I thank Dr. Reynold Verret, Dr. Curtis Wright and the administration at Xavier for giving the opportunity to lead this program. The board of trustees and all the alumni for their support, with a special thanks to Marlon Roundtree, Dr. Angel Bettis, and Selma’s own Mrs. Brendolyn Miller McKenna. The love and support has been amazing”

Holloway also did not forget his Queen City roots.

“Coach Raymond Brown, who coached me in high school and worked with me at Selma University,” Holloway said. “Coach Brown has always kept it real with me and showed me the ropes of this business. Thank you to all my family and friends, and a big shout out to Selma. The love and support is greatly appreciated. Selma made me who I am and I’m forever grateful.

“I want to thank my father Pastor Robert Childers Jr. for raising me to be the man I am, he was my first coach, best friend, mentor, counselor and everything,” Holloway said.“”

Holloway said playing at Alabama State and in the SWAC is a crucial step in his success.

“I thank my former coach, SWAC Hall of Famer Larry Watkins who coached me at Alabama State University, he has been a great mentor and given me sound advice throughout my coaching journey,” Holloway said.