Selma Outreach Team Fellowship Prayer Ministry holds tent revival

Published 8:35 am Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Selma Outreach Team Fellowship Prayer Ministry held its annual Selma City Wide Area Tent Revival last month.

Several Pastors in Selma and Dallas County spoke during the weeklong event beside the House of Prayer:  Pastor Kenneth Glasow (April 26), Pastor David Nichols (April 27), Apostle Angela Fincher (April 28), Pastor Jon Chappelle (April 29), Pastor David Perry (April 30).

Chappelle, the lead Pastor at Selma Church of God, said he was excited to speak at the event organized by Perry and Annie Towns. Gospel Tabernacle Pastor John E. Grayson attended the event.

“The revival was great,” Chappelle said. “There was such a spirit of freedom at the event.”

Towns said it’s all about sharing the Love of God.

“The Prayer Team is all about unity and showing the people how much God loves them,” Towns said. “We give God all the Praise and Glory for these 10 years of ministering to the communities.”