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Gospel Tabernacle, Sonlight Food Outreach Center give away food boxes

Gospel Tabernacle Church of Christ in God and Sonlight Outreach Center were at it again this week, giving away over 200 boxes stocked with food to Selma and Dallas County residents on Tuesday at Bloch Park.

Countless vehicles, stretching out onto Dallas Avenue and winding through the stadium’s parking lot behind the hospital, lined up to receive a box that contained frozen chicken, vegetable, fruits and milk.

Several local residents, including LeMarkus A. Snow of Snow’s Cleaning Service, volunteered their services to guide the residents to receive their boxes and safely leave Bloch Park with a trunk full of nutritious meal items.

Gospel Tabernacle Pastor John E. Grayson, who has been out repeatedly leading the regular local giving effort, said he enjoys serving the community as the area continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We serve because we care,” Grayson said. “We care because we are family.”