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Selma Police Department investigating fatal shooting; juvenile dead

The Selma Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting that took occurred on Saturday.

According to Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford, Selma Police Department officers responded to shots fired on the to the 800 block of 1st Avenue.

Fulford added that SPD later responded to the Vaughan Regional Medical Center where a juvenile had a gunshot wound. The juvenile was pronounced dead at the hospital. Fulford said that two juveniles are in custody. One is charged with capital murder. The other is charged with felony murder.

Fulford and Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson identified one of the suspects as David Cole, a 16-year-old who is charged with capital murder in the death of the 17-year-old victim. Jackson also said that a 15-year-old is charged with felony murder. Jackson and Fulford did not identify the other suspect and the victim. Jackson said that Cole shot into a car with a group of minors.

Jackson said that the two suspects will have a preliminary hearing on Monday in the courtroom of Dallas County Circuit Court Judge Collins A. Pettaway.

The SPD is still investigating the incident.