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Business ordinance highlights Valley Grande City Council meeting

The Valley Grande City Council held its first meeting of 2021.

The city’s business ordinance was the biggest topic on Monday at Valley Grande City Hall.

The entire council was present: mayor Wayne Labbe, council members Kay Davidson, Sara Day, Jane Harris, Bruce Hughes and Robbie Rose. Assistant City Clerk Kim Harris filled in for Treasurer Janet Frasier, who’s quarantined until Jan. 11.

The previous city council under then-Mayor Matt Dobbs passed the business ordinance in July 2018 and became official the following January.  The business license fee increased from $87 to $112.

Labbe said the council will have a planning session on what to do about the business code.

“The business license should increase, but a small percentage over several years,” Labbe said. “We should have a gradual increase over time.”

Harris said the city sends out over 500 business license renewals each year.

In other council news:

-Labbe gave the council a draft of the city’s audit, which will be discussed at the next council meeting. A member of the accounting firm that prepared the audit will also be present.

-Valley Grande city have permits to pick up the debris, which will be over the next several weeks. Labbe said if residents have debris in their yard, they should place it on a County road to get picked up.

-Day said that the Christmas decorations will be taken down soon. Day also said there’s plans to resurface the park and hold an Easter event.

The next city council will be held Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 6 p.m. at Valley Grande City Park, not on a Monday because of MLK holiday.