Selma businessman shot Sunday night

Published 10:27 am Monday, October 26, 2020

A Selma businessman was shot in a drive-by shooting Sunday night.

Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford said Selma Police Department officers responded to the Emergency room in reference to a gunshot victim.

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson and Fulford both identified the victim as Snow Cleaning Service owner LeMarcus A. Snow.

“An officer spoke to a black male subject in his 40’s who stated while he was on the 900 block of Highland Avenue when an unknown person fired a shot hitting while he was in the vehicle,” Fulford said.”

Fulford and Jackson said the injuries were non-life threatening.

“Snow is going to live,” Jackson said.

Snow posted on Facebook that the bullets narrowly missed his arteries and bones and he has 13 bullets in his arm and shoulder.

“For the first time in life, I am a victim of violence and mistaken identity,” Snow wrote. “God knew best and doctors said it could’ve been worse.”

Snow said the incident happened when he loaned his vehicle to an employee.

“My worker used my vehicle in a dispute with his girlfriend and another guy which I know them both my worker and the guy but due to him driving my vehicle all the time I was thought to be him,” Snow wrote. “In retaliation when I got my vehicle back this evening not knowing what the hell went on I get shot, bullets up and down my vehicle missing my face by inches, but god sent them all in my arm and shoulder and not my face and abdomen area.”

Fulford said the incident remains under investigation by the SPD.