Library increases capacity to serve with system upgrades

Published 11:36 am Monday, August 17, 2020

Next week, The Selma – Dallas County Public Library will undergo the process of updating its software system.

“We are upgrading our entire software [system] to a higher level of patron service,” said Selma Dallas County Public Library Director Becky Nichols. “

Nichols said the upgrades to the library’s software come from SersiDynix, a company the library has trusted for their services since 1997, thanks from funding from both the Selma City and Dallas County Governments.

Nicholas cited the Selma – Dallas County public Libraries long-standing relationship with the software company as instrumental in a smooth transition period.

“They’ve offered us some special attention during this whole transition because we are valued customers,” said Nichols. “Anybody knows that the longer you’re with a company the better service become and the better they cater themselves to your needs. SersiDynix has certainly done that with us.”

Nichols noted that the last upgrades to the libraries software system were made in 2003.

“It’s definitely time for us to look at some upgrades, which will take us into the future,” she said.

The largest upgrade to the library’s software system comes in the form of a relocation of its server.

Currently housed locally, within the library building, the server will transition to a cloud-based server in Atlanta through SersiDynix, providing protection from security issues, power outages and hardware failure.

“This means more security, 24-hour service and best of all, a server that will grow with the library,” said Nichols. “No longer will we need to worry about buying a bigger server… What this means for the community is assurance that the library computer system will be the absolute finest we can provide for the daily tasks of checking in, checking out and serving patrons.”

Nicholas said the database, viewed globally, houses a cornucopia of information including books, e-books and local history data.

“So, the integrity of that online database is very, very important,” she said.

In addition to the more secure and reliable server, Nichols said that the integrated library system, which “performs every function that backbones the industry of the library”, will also become more efficient due to the upgrades.

Along with the system upgrades the library is also working with its internet provider, Alabama Super Computer, to increase access and improve connection.

“Because we have so many people coming not only utilizing our technology we have here, but also bringing in their laptops tablets and of course phones, we need to look at some enhanced access points through the library,” said Nichols.

Nichols said that while increasing the technological capacity of the library has required a lot of effort, the reason for doing so was simple: to serve the community.

“That’s why we’re doing this,” she said. “That’s what the library is all about. We’re doing this to better serve the community.”