Nunn: ‘Millions at stake’ over Census participation

Published 6:35 pm Monday, August 10, 2020

Dallas County Probate Judge and Commission Chairman Jimmy Nunn continued to stress the importance of Census participation at Monday evening’s Dallas County Commission meeting.

According to Nunn, Dallas County’s current response rate is 52.7 percent.

Compared to the state’s 60.5 percent response rate, Dallas County is behind 7.8 percent and 10.2 percent behind the current national response rate of 62.8 percent.

Nunn said Dallas County’s numbers have increased only “very slowly” since the 2020 Census became available for citizens to take earlier this year and expressed hope that number would increase as Census agents go door-to-door to conduct surveys.

Nunn said during the meeting that Dallas County is “losing millions” by failing to complete the Census, warning of all the federal funding and congressional representation that could be lost is Dallas County’s response rate does not increase.

“Please, tell everyone you know to complete the Census,” said Nunn. “It’s only 10 questions.”

Elsewhere in the meeting, Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum recommended a bid to purchase a new coaxial cable for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Repeater System, Which transmits radio signals from on patrol officers to a tower allowing for communication between officers.

Granthum said there were currently “a lot of dead spots in the county” and that a new coaxial cable would allow would improve communication for the DCSO, leading to better response times in rural areas.

The commission unanimously approved the Sheriff’s recommendation, and funds will be used to purchase and install the coaxial cable at three tower locations will come from a grant benefiting the DCSO, and other local law enforcement from U.S. Attorney Richard Moore’s Office.

At the end of Monday’s meeting, District 1 Commissioner Roy Moore and District 4 Commissioner Larry Nickles took a moment to welcome the incoming commissioner who will soon fill their spots Vivian Rogers and Jan Justice, respectively.

“I’ve come to know Miss Rogers and I’m confident she’s going to be an excellent commissioner,” said Moore. “There’s change on the way, but I believe it’s positive. The commission is going to have a new look.”

“Both of these ladies fought hard during this election and I know they’ll fight hard for this county,” said Nickles.