Jones Free defends Selma County Club Invitational Tournament title

Published 11:25 am Monday, August 10, 2020

Morgan Academy golfer Jones Free received an early back-to-school present over the weekend.

Free won the 92nd annual Selma Country Club Invitational Men’s Golf Tournament at the Selma County Club.

The senior shot a two-day total of 131 edging out Arrington Mooney by seven strokes. Free received a silver trophy for winning.

“It’s been a while and it felt great to win again,” Free said.

Classes began at Morgan Academy on Monday and Free’s victory came at the right time.

Thomas Morris (143) was third, followed by Don Blanton (148), William Free (149), Andy Stewart (150), James Mooney (151), Ira Wagoner (151), Paul Garner (152), Beau Boyd (157) and Troy Harvill (160).

John Moore’s two-day total of 141 won the second flight by two strokes over George Jones. Steve Wingto and Lane Brackin (145) were tied for third, followed by Heath Harrelson (146), Jon Stewart (147), Paul Portwood (150), Bert Beers (150), Kent Taylor (152), Kelly Wyatt (153) and Charlie Schultz (161).

Caleb Morris won the third flight with a score of 145, edging out Tad Moore by three shots.

John Hanning (151) was third, followed by Jim Mason (154), Ray Mathiews (155),  David Ammons (156), Parker Cheatham (157), Randy Lovelady (157), Lee Calame (157), Barry Parker (161), Mike Wood (161) and Tom Glover (164).

Beers and Harrelson won the team net with a score of 128, edging the brother duo of Andy Stewart and Jon Stewart by one shot.

James Mooney and Arrington Mooney (130) were third, followed by Jon Moore and Lane Brackin (131), Don Blanton and Jim Mason (134), Caleb Morris and Thomas Morris (135), Kelly Wyatt and Kent Taylor (136),  John Hanning and Tad Moore (137),  Lee Calame and Paul Portwood (138),  Charlie Shoultz and Parker Cheatham (139), Randy Lovelady and David Ammons (139), Beau Boyd and Ira Wagoner (141), Paul Garner and Ray Mathiews (142) and Mike Wood and William Free (142).