Future County leaders weigh in on being elected Tuesday night

Published 9:53 am Thursday, July 16, 2020

The final results of Dallas County’s Primary Election were determined Tuesday night during the runoff after a three-and-a-half-month postponement caused by COVID-19.

Vivian Rogers narrowly won the District 2 seat of the Dallas County Commission over Mike Irwin 787 votes to 781 votes.

The District 4 seat of the Dallas County Commission was won by Jan Justice who received 1,250 votes compared to challenger William Lumpkin’s 1194 votes.

Tanika Wagner-Neely will become the next Dallas County Tax Collector, receiving 4,017 votes over Janet Frasier’s 2,514 votes.

“It’s been a long hard journey,” said Rogers. “I’d just like to thank God, who made this possible, and everyone who voted.

Now that she’s officially secured the District 2 seat, Rogers says she’s ready to fulfil her campaign promises.

“I’m going to do just what I said I was going to do,” she said. “I’m going to be a voice for the people and a servant leader. I plan to be visible in the community and communicate with citizens and other community leaders to solve problems and secure the funds needed to fix our bridges, roads and parks.”

Justice said she feels wonderful to finally be on the other side of a long campaign season, made even longer by COVID-19.

“It was truly the campaign that would never end,” she said. “This was also my first time running for office, but it was everyone’s first time running for office during a pandemic so I suppose I was at no more of a disadvantage than anyone else.”

After securing the position she’s jockeyed for the past Several months, Justice said she’s now ready to get to work as a Dallas County Commissioner.

“I’m ready to get to work and learn the ropes,” she said. “I plan on working with the current [District 4] commissioner to ensure a smooth transition. There are going to be three new commissioners, but we can’t miss a beat. We need to get right to work.”

Justice thanked many for her victory at the polls Tuesday night including the voters of Dallas County, her family, Campaign Manager Yusuf Salaam and God.

“If it weren’t for my faith and prayers then I’m sure I would have just folded over,” she said.

Wagner-Neely thanked all of the voters who braved the foul weather on the initial March 3 election and the second wave of voters who faced the heat and threat of COVID-19 during.

“I could not have done it without them,” she said.

Once Wagner-Neely steps into the tax collector role, she plans to conduct an assessment of the office and receive feedback from the other employees in the Tax Collector’s Office to determine what can be improved.