Part of Selma Police Department closed due to coronavirus

Published 10:41 am Monday, June 22, 2020

Part of the Selma Police Department was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic last week.

Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford said employees were sent home Friday after a worker tested positive for the coronavirus on June 18. He said the employee came from the records and front desk department.

“We found out that an employee tested positive for the coronavirus, we made our staff aware,” Fulford said. “We closed the records division and all personnel that had been in contact with them got tested.”

Fulford said the record and front desk offices are closed and employees in that department will be quarantined for the next 14 days because of mandated statewide guidelines on COVID-19.

“All of the employees didn’t make contact with the person, we wanted to be on the safe side and got everyone tested,” Fulford said.

The number of coronavirus cases keeps rising in Dallas County. As of noon Monday, the County has 640 confirmed cases out of 4,013 test results with six deaths.