God’s Grillers for Eighteen Wheelers honored truck drivers

Published 2:01 pm Saturday, May 30, 2020

God’s Grillers for Eighteen Wheelers honored truck drivers Saturday in the parking lot of Crossroads Exxon.

Several local truck drivers were given free meals of hamburgers and hot dogs, honoring them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeremy Ross, organizer for God Grillers for Eighteen Wheelers, said the event’s goal was to honor truck drivers in Selma and Dallas County who are working through the coronavirus.

“I saw on Facebook where a truck driver couldn’t buy a meal at Burger King in the drive through because the truck was too big,” Ross said. “God told me to feed the truck drivers.

Ross said over $2,500 in donations from local businesses, churches and citizens to purchase hamburgers, buns, hot dogs, chips, paper products and promotional material.

Ross said three churches within the community assisted the organization: House of Prayer, Selma Church of God and New Word Ministry. Local non-profit churches hosted the charitable event.  He said Pepsi Cola and Diamond One Construction were among several businesses that made contributions.

“The community support was overwhelming,” Ross said. “I can’t thank the businesses, churches and citizens enough for their help. People in Selma may argue, but they always show up to help. They’ve always helped me.”